Finding a Job (1)


For the last four days, I have been very busy preparing my application for a job at Ministry of Education and helping Bu Rinny to revise her dissertation. Yeah, applying for a job and being a research assistant are two main activities after I decided to leave internship in bank. After quitting ‘the first job’ the lesson I learned is you have to deal with yourself before sign a commitment with the employer. Find out what you want and why you want to work there.

Is it relevant with your passion?

Would it be a good chance to develop yourself? to expand your social network with great people?

Are you mentally ready to work with other people with various background, personality, and of course the point of view that different from you?

You just need to build a solid foundation of reasons why you work there. And yes, this has to be done even before you ‘click the apply position’, just in case you will be accepted, and find no way back and trapped in the work hell. Because work must be stressed you out sometimes or everyday! (like my experience as an intern in bank *smirk*). and those strong reasons will be a reminder when the thoughts of leaving the job or procrastinating the piled up work come to you.


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