My First (Partial) Solar Eclipse

Haze, 27°C

Third Planet From The Sun

Unlike the other netizens who constantly post the picture of partial or total solar eclipse (or their selfie wearing special eye glasses while watching the eclipse), I just want to write about my appreciation towards the rarest galaxy phenomenon (those three friends need to wait for 26 years to meet face to face again!).

I woke up at 5.40am and straightly run to the loo for wudhu’ and completed the late Subuh prayer. Then, I opened the website which broadcasted the solar eclipse moment in Palu . For this year, the solar eclipse happened in Indonesia and the total eclipse can be seen from particular island mostly in east part. The count down bar showed that the eclipse would happen in 7.21 and I looked at the window, the sun still shone very brightly.
Bored of waiting, I browsed the internet and suddenly felt the euphoria of this eclipse. Almost all tv stations had their own special program for this moment and visited some sites where the people gathered since the early morning to see this rarest event. The LAPAN (kinda Indonesia’s NASA) used this opportunity to educate people with scientific explanation regarding the eclipse. At first, I thought that was a so-so but yeah very good efforts. Until, I strucked the article that wrote about the solar eclipse which happened in 1983. On 1983, the total solar eclipse also happened in Indonesia. In contrast with this time, no one celebrated it. Everyone was terrified, they locked their family at home and closed all the doors and windows in order to block the sun ray. The government declared the warning that the eclipse is very dangerous for health and instructed the people to stay at home until the eclipse ended. No scientific explanations, no special tv broadcast, that moment was just passed. The researchers and tourists wondered why people locked themselves at home because there was nothing to be afraid of. It’s just natural. I felt bad for the people who actually had a big curiosity about the space things but had to be locked at home and did not get any logical explanation about that. In that time, Indonesia was lead by the militer regime. I wondered that they were not afraid of the eclipse but afraid of the government instead!
But what happened today was amazing, I just wonder how many children are educated about the solar system and galaxy and dreamed that someday in the future they will learn about those things or doing advanced research about this universe.

After lost in thought for a moment, I stared at the window and see that the sky was already darker like in the dawn yet the sun’s corona was very very bright. Unfortunately, i was not equipped with advanced tech so i couldn’t capture the eclipse clearly. Maybe 26 years later, I will!

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