On research

Tonight I’d like to write about one of my hobbies. I actually want to write it via The Journey but my phone ran out of battery so I took this conventional way (LOL! it is because I am so in love with that app and its features!)

When people ask me what my hobby is, most of the time I just said reading or writing. I seldom am too specific or give an extra attempt to explain it. Back in college, I was astonished with the big exposure of research world, specifically in psychology and social science research. For me, research is more than just a mere scientific activities but it also philosophical side. The process of exploring your curiosity regarding a social phenomenon or attempting to answer inquiries in your complex mind through systematical way and various and infinite methods to avoid any bias and error, always makes me feel alive and enthusiastic.

Research is not just about numbers and charts, if you dig deeper you will get the story about something. Human is always irrational and from this irrationality, you will get many insights.


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