a Researcher (1)

I just landed a job in Kadence International as Quantitative Researcher-MT. Actually, I have my eyes in this company long before I graduated from Uni. But, due to the scholarship contract I had to work as an intern in CIMB. I also had missed the deadline for this position but one day, I accidentally went through their website again and the position is vacant!! I contacted my friend, Dyani who have been working there since last year. The rest of recruitment process was going smoothly. I applied cv to Dyani, took a very difficult logical and numerical test in English, sudden interview plus presentation simulation in front of the HR manager, and the last is the fastest job interview ever with the Managing Director. The whole process only took less than a week! This makes me believe even more that God knows what you need and God will give it on the very right time.

I believe this is the right time for me to start working. Back then when I started my internship in Bank, I didn’t sure what I was going to do or whether the job is relevant to my qualifications or long-term goal. Therefore, I reluctantly to give my fullest efforts to the job. And also there are so many things to prepare for my graduation and some accidental plans came up so I had to leave my job often. For sure, I never regretted to have those experiences. Because those experiences enrich me and help me to think more strategic before making a decision. After the internship period is over, I also had a chance to spend my time with the VIP in my life, Mama, and Papa. I had a chance to spend the holiday in Bali with them, I accompanied my mom to the hospital often and the most important thing is I was able to stay beside my mom 24/4 days when she had to do surgery procedure.

And, tomorrow is my very first time in Kadence International. I am so eager to meet up the new surroundings and the new team. Wish me luck! 🙂


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