The First Month as “The Force”

I’m not sure what title I should give for this post. I just want to commemorate the first month of work as research executive in a market research company. It’s been nearly a month! Whew! They said time runs when you enjoy the ride, right?

Yes, I do enjoy the ride. I even feel amazed when I found myself enjoying this position. Well, it might be too early to say this but I have been learning and (I hope) improving a lot!

I was assigned to a team with a leader, not a boss. The people in my team are hard-worker, smart, detail-oriented and know how to have fun.

To commemorate this moment, here I share some key points that I learned in these past 30 days as well!

1. Conscientiousness
I think I’ve written this word for hundred times just to emphasize again and again that this is my biggest weakness. I started thinking that I might have attention deficit symptoms. But for the past a month, I did some errors due to this weakness. Luckily, I have a great manager and very supportive team that willing to help me to overcome this weakness. In my company, you have to be the very detailed person and focus on what you do. Because one error will impact another work, yeah like a domino. I actually have found how to overcome this. Every time I work on something, I only work on that particular thing and no matter how tempting it is to shift the task or even just checked on new email or phone, I just have to delete them all from my focus span and work one task at one time. I train myself to recognize each important aspects that I need to give my focus more than other aspects.Not just when I worked on task but also when I talked to colleagues. I think I have to restate or paraphrase their messages to capture what they really mean. Okay okay it is only in professional context not in casual daily communication context
2. Surround yourself with positivity
Sounds cliche, eh? But somehow it is real true!!!! There is no easy job. You have to know your own battlefield long before you leap on the field! When you have anticipated about hassles or consequences that you probably have to face in your work, you might already have a solution to solve it. Or you might have prepared yourself for anything bad that come up suddenly. Even if you happen to experience the bad one, you can survive and able to see your problem from another dimension. There must be positive sides for every problem. See the positive doesn’t mean you have to belittle yourself. Instead, because you are that BIG, that nothing will stop your progress.

3. Have a solutive mindset
Yes, it is that easy to blame other people or condition for bad lucks. In my workplace, I learned to give solutions or give a win-win solution. Do not say anything unless it can help to solve the problem! Or make it easier to do. The key is very easy actually. You just have to know the field. And you can acquire this through participative observation and ask questions to your seniors. And also, before you give responses, you have to see situations from other people perspectives. Moreover, it gives you additional information to solve the problem!

Okay, I actually have more things yet I’m so sleepy tonight.
Au revoir!!!


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