New Office!


I just moved to the new office.

To those who know me well, this may be quite surprising since they know how i love my job as a quantitative researcher at Kadence International. However, maybe even after a short explanation, they will nod to my decision.

So, here I am! an employee at state-owned enterprise. I work as a researcher. (eventhough in reality my job desc is quite far from it. More on that drama later. Yes, drama.)

Working for government has been my long awaited wish despite of the position and the place. Therefore, after my friend who works in that company tell me that the position for researcher is vacant, I send my CV to her asap. Eventhough, the job description and the expected skill are still vague, I don’t want to miss this opportunity because I might need this experience in my CV if I want to apply to post-graduate school or scholarship in Public Policy Major.

Long story short, I got the job. As a researcher in corporate planning division, they told me that my job is to process the database using excel and spss and they also told me that if someday they need to conduct a market research, I will be in charge on that project as well. A first week went very well since I could meet all the expectations there. But then, due to the messy organizational structure things went chaos and the drama starts from here..


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