New Office!


I just moved to the new office.

To those who know me well, this may be quite surprising since they know how i love my job as a quantitative researcher at Kadence International. However, maybe even after a short explanation, they will nod to my decision.

So, here I am! an employee at state-owned enterprise. I work as a researcher. (eventhough in reality my job desc is quite far from it. More on that drama later. Yes, drama.)

Working for government has been my long awaited wish despite of the position and the place. Therefore, after my friend who works in that company tell me that the position for researcher is vacant, I send my CV to her asap. Eventhough, the job description and the expected skill are still vague, I don’t want to miss this opportunity because I might need this experience in my CV if I want to apply to post-graduate school or scholarship in Public Policy Major.

Long story short, I got the job. As a researcher in corporate planning division, they told me that my job is to process the database using excel and spss and they also told me that if someday they need to conduct a market research, I will be in charge on that project as well. A first week went very well since I could meet all the expectations there. But then, due to the messy organizational structure things went chaos and the drama starts from here..


The First Project

Light Rain, 26°C

Welcome a new fresh week!
Please let The Force going smoothly and achieve the targets!!!

(p.s: I named my first project as The Force, because I really hope that this will be a successful and smooth project. I know it’s not relevant to the name, well it’s just cool with this name :P. The Force is Central Location Test (CLT) research requested by one of the biggest beverages company in the USA). The set-up preparation went smooth let’s just hope the same for the next stage)

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The First Month as “The Force”

I’m not sure what title I should give for this post. I just want to commemorate the first month of work as research executive in a market research company. It’s been nearly a month! Whew! They said time runs when you enjoy the ride, right?

Yes, I do enjoy the ride. I even feel amazed when I found myself enjoying this position. Well, it might be too early to say this but I have been learning and (I hope) improving a lot!

I was assigned to a team with a leader, not a boss. The people in my team are hard-worker, smart, detail-oriented and know how to have fun.

To commemorate this moment, here I share some key points that I learned in these past 30 days as well!

1. Conscientiousness
I think I’ve written this word for hundred times just to emphasize again and again that this is my biggest weakness. I started thinking that I might have attention deficit symptoms. But for the past a month, I did some errors due to this weakness. Luckily, I have a great manager and very supportive team that willing to help me to overcome this weakness. In my company, you have to be the very detailed person and focus on what you do. Because one error will impact another work, yeah like a domino. I actually have found how to overcome this. Every time I work on something, I only work on that particular thing and no matter how tempting it is to shift the task or even just checked on new email or phone, I just have to delete them all from my focus span and work one task at one time. I train myself to recognize each important aspects that I need to give my focus more than other aspects.Not just when I worked on task but also when I talked to colleagues. I think I have to restate or paraphrase their messages to capture what they really mean. Okay okay it is only in professional context not in casual daily communication context
2. Surround yourself with positivity
Sounds cliche, eh? But somehow it is real true!!!! There is no easy job. You have to know your own battlefield long before you leap on the field! When you have anticipated about hassles or consequences that you probably have to face in your work, you might already have a solution to solve it. Or you might have prepared yourself for anything bad that come up suddenly. Even if you happen to experience the bad one, you can survive and able to see your problem from another dimension. There must be positive sides for every problem. See the positive doesn’t mean you have to belittle yourself. Instead, because you are that BIG, that nothing will stop your progress.

3. Have a solutive mindset
Yes, it is that easy to blame other people or condition for bad lucks. In my workplace, I learned to give solutions or give a win-win solution. Do not say anything unless it can help to solve the problem! Or make it easier to do. The key is very easy actually. You just have to know the field. And you can acquire this through participative observation and ask questions to your seniors. And also, before you give responses, you have to see situations from other people perspectives. Moreover, it gives you additional information to solve the problem!

Okay, I actually have more things yet I’m so sleepy tonight.
Au revoir!!!

a Researcher (1)

I just landed a job in Kadence International as Quantitative Researcher-MT. Actually, I have my eyes in this company long before I graduated from Uni. But, due to the scholarship contract I had to work as an intern in CIMB. I also had missed the deadline for this position but one day, I accidentally went through their website again and the position is vacant!! I contacted my friend, Dyani who have been working there since last year. The rest of recruitment process was going smoothly. I applied cv to Dyani, took a very difficult logical and numerical test in English, sudden interview plus presentation simulation in front of the HR manager, and the last is the fastest job interview ever with the Managing Director. The whole process only took less than a week! This makes me believe even more that God knows what you need and God will give it on the very right time.

I believe this is the right time for me to start working. Back then when I started my internship in Bank, I didn’t sure what I was going to do or whether the job is relevant to my qualifications or long-term goal. Therefore, I reluctantly to give my fullest efforts to the job. And also there are so many things to prepare for my graduation and some accidental plans came up so I had to leave my job often. For sure, I never regretted to have those experiences. Because those experiences enrich me and help me to think more strategic before making a decision. After the internship period is over, I also had a chance to spend my time with the VIP in my life, Mama, and Papa. I had a chance to spend the holiday in Bali with them, I accompanied my mom to the hospital often and the most important thing is I was able to stay beside my mom 24/4 days when she had to do surgery procedure.

And, tomorrow is my very first time in Kadence International. I am so eager to meet up the new surroundings and the new team. Wish me luck! 🙂

Finding a Job (1)


For the last four days, I have been very busy preparing my application for a job at Ministry of Education and helping Bu Rinny to revise her dissertation. Yeah, applying for a job and being a research assistant are two main activities after I decided to leave internship in bank. After quitting ‘the first job’ the lesson I learned is you have to deal with yourself before sign a commitment with the employer. Find out what you want and why you want to work there.

Is it relevant with your passion?

Would it be a good chance to develop yourself? to expand your social network with great people?

Are you mentally ready to work with other people with various background, personality, and of course the point of view that different from you?

You just need to build a solid foundation of reasons why you work there. And yes, this has to be done even before you ‘click the apply position’, just in case you will be accepted, and find no way back and trapped in the work hell. Because work must be stressed you out sometimes or everyday! (like my experience as an intern in bank *smirk*). and those strong reasons will be a reminder when the thoughts of leaving the job or procrastinating the piled up work come to you.